PBA July Update 2021

07/26/2021 7:28 PM | Anonymous

Congratulations!  If your reading this newspaper you survived the busiest week of the year on the beach,  or…you just got  into town!   After resting up and  putting my house back together,  I took a  quick survey of some of our PBA street captains and all seems well.  Rarely do I partake in the  madness at the core during Blue Angels, but I did this year and was impressed with the organized chaos.   The operation was the closest thing I’ve seen to Mardi Gras day in New Orleans,  and I thought all of our agencies did a great job.  From public works to the sheriff’s department it’s amazing how it all comes together so kudos to the  SRIA and Chamber for pulling it off year after year.  To our beach visitors I must say I saw the most creative parking I’ve  ever seen.   Thank you Blues for a great show!

Just like the Back to School specials that begin to pop up after the 4th it’s back to work time for the Advocates too.   Advocate board members have been working hard  confirming stats and gathering data in preparation for a short term rental ad hoc  committee.  The goal will be  to pull together agencies in government and the private sector with the purpose of stopping vacation rentals from acting as an unregulated business on the beach, to improve safety,  and to prevent  the construction of anymore monster  hometels.  Commissioner Bender is set to unveil legislation in the Spring  for regulation and we are hoping that all agencies, both private and public  will better understand what can and can’t be legally done.  Members have been calling in and reporting infractions when they see them with thanks from Ms. Davis. 

Under the new SRIA leadership we have seen improved communication and  response to complaints, enforcement  on lease violations, and progress with better signage at the dog parks.  Internally an effort is being made to provide more information to SRIA board members so they  can make informed decisions.  They were also able to get Verizon to make good  on a promise from December 2020  to paint the ugly 5g poles.  If you  want your swf painted please let Ms. Davis know as this was a test of the new color to see if they looked better. 

In fact LOTS of forward progress has been made in the regulation of 5g.  Unfortunately it has had to come from residents filing suit with the FCC or complaining to their local governments non stop until they do something.   What we have consistently seen both locally and throughout the country is that the industry pushing 5g will come to the table to meet and comply with local governing agencies if the local governing agencies USE their voice to regulate  on behalf of their constituencies.  Please go to  pbadvocates.org to see all of the progress and how other counties on the Gulf Coast are addressing residential concerns over 5g  and how they negotiated for more aesthetically pleasing swf.  We have also posted a revised 2020 study which details the possible impact to migratory animals such as our nesting bids and sea turtles. 

Enjoy your Summer.   When  you put away those summertime decorations make sure you know where your Christmas decorations are  because PBA will be hosting a Holiday Lights contest.  If  your not a member please join today.  Go to membership@pbadvocates.org

Thank you for your support.

Rhonda Dorfman

PBA President

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