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Wednesday November 29, 2024 

Rhonda Dorfman  of the Pensacola Beach Advocates (PBA), Dale Hensley and  Stephanie Allen of the  Escambia County Sea Turtle Patrol, and Florida Power and Light employees Gordon Paulus , Kimberly Blair and Dana Hall  met to distribute the sea turtle flashlights recently  purchased by PBA with a  $1500 grant they received from Florida Power and Light.   

Dale Hensley , who is both a member of the Pensacola Beach Advocates and a new Sea Turtle Patrol Ambassador approached PBA president, Rhonda Dorfman, about the opportunity to receive an employee grant from the FPL program.  FPL Communication and Lead Strategist Gordon Paulus said the following:

"I have a close friend who is a sea turtle ambassador, and when she mentioned they wanted to purchase sea turtle-friendly lights for tourists, I thought the Community Connectors program would be the perfect way for FPL to help out with this important environmental effort," One of the ways FPL does this is by giving back to community organizations like the Pensacola Beach Advocates and the sea turtle patrol program through a company giving initiative called Community Connectors.  Community Connectors puts the power of giving in the hands of the employee of FPL’s Northwest Region by providing an opportunity for employees to direct company grants to organizations, charities and causes that they are personally connected to.

"We are super grateful to FPL for this opportunity to help the Sea Turtle ambassadors and continue our education about lights and how they affect the Sea Turtle nests on Pensacola Beach, stated Rhonda Dorfman.  

The sea turtle flashlights have been a big hit with the tourists and locals alike. Lights out for turtles during nesting season.  Look for the flashlights next nesting season wherever the Sea Turtle Ambassadors can be found or at the Pensacola Beach Visitor's Center. 

For more information contact Rhonda Dorfman at 661 496-4573 or 

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