Sea Turtle Baby Shower

  • 06/05/2021
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Gulfside Pavilion-Casino Beach

Click HERE for more details about the event and to see how you can Volunteer for this event!

Here is how you can help!


8 AM – 10 AM – 3-4 volunteers to help exhibitors unload and set up their tent and tables. 

10 AM to NOON  

Welcome Table (PBA Hospitality Table)

  • -          2-4 volunteers. Give empty white lunch bag to participants who want to walk through exhibits.  Explain event.
  • -          2 runners to offer water to exhibitors.
  • -          2 volunteers to sell Sea Turtle Tiara Raffle Tickets
  • -          1 volunteer to give away PBA buttons to membership (Oops!  I spoiled your surprise.) Collect new memberships.

PBA Turtle Game Tables- 3

-Bean Bag Toss – 2 volunteers (bean bags will be sanitized with 24 hour spray)

                -How do you Measure Up Board?    – Children will step on scale and have a selfie photo-op with the  turtle board. 

                -Sea Turtle Hatching Craft - children will be given baking soda and a miniature sea turtle charm to make an egg.  They will take the egg home and pour vinegar on it to watch the turtle hatch.  

Prize Table /Cookie Distribution Table  (On  Stage)– 4 volunteers to give out activity booklet and crayons and 1 treat to participants with 6-8 turtle stamps on white lunch bag…while supplies last. 

NOON – 4 Volunteers to help exhibitors disassemble booths and general pick up.

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